Monday, June 20, 2011

!!!Attention Please!!!!

One more request.....

please visit my blog through google search with search key/term : 'karaoke kingdom pankaj'.

please follow

take care

Send Requests

Since i have created the blog, i have observed your visits to this blog. you have been visiting the blog, but are not taking a moment to request your favourite song. please request the songs that you want to get karaoke of.

This will help me get the list of songs that i will b working on nexxt.


Make it Pop-u-larr

Guys..... I just wanna request you to do your best to popularise this blog as this the only stop for karaoke lovers. only here they can get karaokes. on other sites and blogs, they only have the tag 'karaoke' on their blogs and even a single karaoke cannot be found. Try it for yourself.

so, may i hope that this blog gonna get a good reward for the content that I am providing to you free of cost?????

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Good newss

If you are going to perform in some really important event or somewhere where you need the "ultimate" quality karaoke, then you can post a special request to me, you'll get that karaoke according to time based priority. I ain't uploading those now as those tracks need to be fully re-produced and this takes a lot-lot of time to arrange every single beat like original.

Furthermore, i suggest you to first practice and be comfortable with the presently uploaded karaokes as these contain a little trace of original voice and thus prevent you from forgetting beats. unlike which, the professionally remade tracks don't have any vioce-trace and thus are a little tricky to perform with.


Help me create karaokes......

Yupp!!! you can help me create your favourite karaokes...

What you need to do is -Just post the Name and Movie/Album of the song which you want to get karaoke'd'.

So, what you're waiting for??!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Start Rockinngg!!!!


I have started uploading mah karaokes. The ones with greyish colour are the uploaded ones.
just download, listen, practice......and you are readdy t' RRhrocckkk!!!.

Here you go....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Prior to download!!!!

Before downloading these free karaokes, you should just keep this in mind that these karaokes are not of the 'ultimate ' quality. But this doesn't mean that these are useless. In fact, these karaokes come really very handy when it comes to live performance. furthermore, if you don't b'lieve me, you can just click on your favourite song in 'My collection'. on the next pages, you can get preview of that song and then you can download it.

so, enjjoyyy and be a Rooccckkkk STAR.!!!!!!!
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